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Finding the perfect balance between man and machines

Our Approach

Smart solutions are at the core of all that we do at Lagom Automation BV. Our goal is to build the best combination of customized hardware and software to manage your production facility in real-time. Our solutions are independent as well as a perfect add-on to your existing ERP. We take pride in building a temper free, transparent and real-time data flow into your system. Contact Us to set up a meeting with one of our representatives.

Brief About Us

Lagom Automation BV is a subsidiary of  Compucare India Pvt. Ltd. Compucare is one of the leading Industrial Automation Solution Providers in India, with a focus on Andon and Production Monitoring System solutions. With over 20 years of experience, we have evolved to be recognized for our outstanding customer satisfaction and innovative solutions. Our automation product mix has enabled us to solve industrial problems for some of the largest MNCs in India.

In January 2019, Compucare decided to cater customers from around the world and begin expedition with the EU region. We have expanded to the Netherlands with a goal to promote our robotics product line.

Automation Services

Lagom is focused on building a perfect balance between men and machines. Our systems help people be safer, more efficient and powerful with the help of smarter machines.

Industrial Internet of Things

Lagom is focused on using its own network of wireless IIOT Nodes throughout the floor to collect specific data from the machines and other field devices in real-time.

Integrated Industrial Display Boards

Our range of IIDBs are not limited to production lines only, we offer display solutions for emergency response teams integrated with attendance systems as well.

Control Automation

Lagom and Compucare’s innovative Engineering and Design teams specializes in developing stackers and automating high precision manual processes on a shop floor.

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Devices Connected

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10Bn+ Revenue Clients

Our Group’s Customer Testimonials

We have availed their services based on trust of work. They have fulfilled each quality requirement and post operation maintenance & assistance by the team is appreciable. The nature of work demands sophistication & accuracy that they provide is one of the best in field we have experienced so far.

This helps in automation of the process for improving production time, improve productivity and enhance efficiency, on the Display we can set target and time, this improves production efficiency and overall work flow of workers. It is easier as they can see the flow on shop floor display, along with the time taken.

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