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Products and Services

Industrial Internet of Things:

Internet of Things has become one of the core parts of our day to day lives. According to Ericcson, there will be over 3.5Bn Connected devices around the world. That is a Compound Annual Growth Rate of about 30%. Our connected devices have enabled manufacturers to get core focused data from their machines throughout the factory without investing extravagantly on radically new systems. While a full machine health data is inevitably the most important form for monitoring their machines, manufacturers with already installed SCADA Systems may not get the desired ROIs. Hence, Lagom is focused on using its own network of wireless IIOT Nodes throughout the floor to collect specific data from the machines and other field devices in real-time. This has proven to be an ultimate cost-effective solution for a number of multi-national clients with large factories spread across a couple of square kilometers. The possibilities are unlimited! Lagom’s innovative problem-solving approach and Compucare’s IIOT Nodes together, can generate data from any manufacturing environment. Be it Automotive, Maritime, Oil and Gas or even Agro! You can explore some of the most famous applications built on this network of nodes and controllers below:

Production Monitoring System

A wireless network of sensors used to calculate production across the factory built to feed data to ERP and for visualization purposes



A network of field stations used for recording and optimizing problems resolution times of a production line or a machine



A fool proof system for parent child assembly guided by lights and sensors with a record for errors and alarms



A network of wireless sensor lights used to monitor empty parking spaces and guiding traffic through the parking lot


Integrated Industrial Display Boards:

Display Boards are industrial grade display solutions designed specifically for manufacturing environments. It’s high durability and industrial grade quality ensures their usage for 24×7 throughout the year. Moreover, these are not the average display solutions, they are fully integrated with the machines and allows the users to set production targets and actuals, using Compucare’s technologies. Industrial display boards are an essential part of Compucare’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) ecosystem as they not only show the real-time outputs of production lines but also integrate with Andon System to show problems occurring at each line. This allows line workers and supervisors to stay motivated and meet their targets. The maintenance department for example can easily figure out which line has issues. Hence, creating awareness throughout the floor. Our range of IIDBs are not limited to production lines only, we offer display solutions for emergency response teams integrated with attendance systems as well.

Safety Display Boards

Environmental Display Boards

Accidental Display Boards

Information Display Boards

Control Automation:

A control technology is core to automation of any mechanical machine. At Lagom Automation, we take controller projects, not only for machines but also for smart factory solutions. Data is fundamental to building the factory of the future. Lagom and Compucare’s unique combination of field devices and software enables us to build your factory ready for future challenges. We partner with few of the best machine manufacturers around the world to deliver highest satisfaction along with precision to our customers. Lagom focuses on building the control automation for these special purpose machines and peripherals for the robotic systems. Our software is built to integrate any manufacturing process output to the central ERP system. We tailor make it for each of our customer to ensure full control of the software with the key required features built to order.

Special Purpose Machines

Engineering your processes to perform automatically with a tailormade machine built for your application


Built-to-order system to enable robotic systems to perform at it’s peak productivity and precision


Building a network of machines to collect data, enable remote controlling and ERP integration

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